• Aqua Books (1999-2012) is now permanently closed. This site is for posterity only. Thank you for everything.
  • Coming May 2014 -

274 Garry St.
(Between Portage
& Graham)

Winnipeg, MB
Canada  R3C 1H3

Tues-Sat 11am-9pm
Sun-Mon Closed


We accept Interac, Visa and Mastercard too

What people are saying:

Many audience members told us that they had never visited the store before, and were so impressed with the space (performance, eating and books) that they promised to return again after the festival. - Perry Grosshans, GM, Winnipeg International Writers Festival

Print Articles about Aqua Books/EAT! bistro

Uptown 5.20.10 Uptown 5.20.10
Aqua Books is Winnipeg's Best Used Bookstore (duh) in Uptown's 2010 Readers' Choice Awards

Uptown 5.20.10 Uptown 5.20.10
EAT! bistro has Winnipeg's third-best menu and vegan options in Uptown's 2010 Readers' Choice Awards

Rue Morgue April 2010 Rue Morgue April 2010
Rue Morgue article on Kier-La Janisse's new Miskatonic Institute

The Jewish Post and News 3.10.10 The Jewish Post and News 3.10.10
Preview of Aqua's Night of Jewish Humour

Winnipeg Free Press 2.6.10 Winnipeg Free Press 2.6.10
Lawyer tries to shut down reading, book. Aqua Books kicks back.

Uptown 1.28.10 Uptown 1.28.10
Preview of Not Half performance at Kelly Hughes Live! on 1.29.10

Uniter 1.14.10 The Uniter 1.14.10
Article on the effect of the near-death of McNally Robinson on the Winnipeg bookselling community

Winnipeg Free Press 12.9.09 Winnipeg Free Press 12.9.09
Kelly Hughes quoted in article on arts industry impact in Winnipeg

Travel Manitoba 9.18.09 Travel Manitoba 9.18.09
Get Closer with Ghosts, featuring EAT! bistro

Uptown 9.3.09 Uptown 9.3.09
Winnipeg expat Aaron Merke gets set to tape his first comedy DVD at Aqua Books

Winnipeg Free Press 8.19.09 Winnipeg Free Press 8.19.09
Bookstore Owner Kelly Hughes barely escapes jail time in The Great Parking Sticker Snafu

Winnipeg Free Press 7.29.09 Winnipeg Free Press 7.29.09
EAT! bistro's Red Seal Chef Candace Hughes featured in an ad for Red River College's Culinary Arts program

Uniter June/July 2009 Uniter June/July 2009
Uniter article on Kelly Hughes and Winnipeg's Cultural City Hall

Winnipeg Free Press 6.20.09 Winnipeg Free Press 6.20.09
Kelly Hughes quoted in Freep article on the 60th anniversary of Harlequin Books

Uptown 6.4.09 Uptown 6.4.09
EAT! bistro chosen as Winnipeg's Best New Restaurant in Uptown's 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

Uptown 6.4.09 Uptown 6.4.09
Aqua Books makes top three again, and Kelly Hughes is Winnipeg's third-Most Outrageous Winnipegger in Uptown's 2009 Readers' Choice Awards 4.18.09 4.18.09
A lazy "how is the recession treating you" interview that mentions every other store name but mine

The Filipino Journal 4.5.09 The Filipino Journal 4.5.09
A Filipino Journal article that seems to be mostly a reworking of our own BookWalk

Winnipeg Free Press 3.20.09 Winnipeg Free Press 3.20.09
A tepid review of EAT! in the Freep by a tired Marion Warhaft

Warming up to Winter-peg The Toronto Star 3.05.09
Noah Richler anoints Aqua Books "one of the craziest, most amusing and well-ordered second-hand bookstores I have ever frequented."

The Winnipeg Free Press 20 Under $20 Winnipeg Free Press 1.03.09
20 Under $20

Prairie Fire Writer-in-Residence Katherine Bitney at Aqua Books January - October 2009 Prairie Fire PR 12.15.08
Announcement for Prairie Fire's new Writer-in-Residence Katherine Bitney. As part of The Boreality Project, Kate will be at Aqua Books January - October 2009

Ciao! Magazine Best New Restaurants of 2008 Ciao! Magazine 12.1.08
Reviews of Winnipeg's Best New Restaurants of 2008, including EAT!

The Uniter 9.25.08 The Uniter 9.25.08
How to Have More Fun for Less Money in Winnipeg

Globe and Mail 8.28.08 Globe and Mail 8.28.08
Second-hand book sellers (including Aqua Books) learn to adapt

Winnipeg Free Press 8.28.08 Winnipeg Free Press 8.28.08
The lineup for the 2008 Winnipeg International Writers Festival includes, of course, Aqua Books

Quill and Quire 8.22.08 Quill and Quire 8.22.08
Aqua Books W-i-R Anita Daher named new teen fiction editor at Great Plains

Prime Times 8.21.08 Prime Times 8.21.08
Books meet bistro

Poe's Deadly Daughters 7.19.08 Poe's Deadly Daughters 7.19.08
An interview with our lovely (and first) writer-in-residence, Anita Daher

National Post 7.18.08 National Post 7.18.08
Be a hometown tourist

Winnipeg Free Press 7.12.08 Winnipeg Free Press 7.12.08
The Best Deals in Winnipeg (according to the Freep)

Christian Week Christian Week 6.08
Kelly Hughes exposed as ex-fundy

The Urbanite The Urbanite Spring.Summer.08
Aqua Books Opens

Word Wrap Spring.08 Word Wrap Spring.08
The birth of the Aqua Books Lansdowne Prize for Poetry

The Uniter 4/3/08 The Uniter 4.3.08
Renovated bookstore (that's us) seeks to inspire Downtown Winnipeg

Winnipeg Free Press 3/29/08 Winnipeg Free Press 3.29.08
Aqua Books mentioned in the same breath as McNally Robinson. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Winnipeg Free Press 12/5/07 Winnipeg Free Press 12.5.07
Aqua Books Announces New Location

Winnipeg Free Press 10/23/07 Winnipeg Free Press 10.23.07
Aqua Books to endow Manitoba poetry prize

Winnipeg Women Fall 2007 Winnipeg Women Fall 2007
Aqua Books makes Joanne Kelly's must-do list

Winnipeg Free Press 8/1/07 Winnipeg Free Press 8.1.07
Aqua Books is moving. But where?

Winnipeg Sun 7.21.06 Winnipeg Sun 7.21.06
Kelly Hughes waxes economic on Winnipeg Fringe Festival

Uptown Uptown's 2006 Best of Winnipeg Readers' Choice Awards
We're Number 2. We're Number 2.

Winnipeg Free Press 11/16/05 Winnipeg Free Press 11.16.05
Aqua Books wins an award, but all they care about is Brad Pitt

Christian Current 8.05 Christian Current 8.05
Article on ideaExchange

Manitoban 1.15.03 U of M Manitoban 1.15.03
Article on Winnipeg's used bookstores

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