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What people are saying:

Your place is my venue of choice when the question is, “where should we go?” and here is why: 1) It is not pretentious, stuck-up, snobby, or takes itself seriously in any way; 2) Maintains a balanced sense of arts and culture in Winnipeg, without going down the path described in (1) that most places have; 3) Food is reasonably priced. And considering the quality, is downright cheap; 4) I can eat there (gluten-free options), and peanut allergy people can relax and eat there too, as can those avoiding dairy, like vegans; it truly is amazing how accessible your menu is.; 5) Open late; 6) On several good bus routes, and if not taking a bus, the parking options are reasonable. I could go on, but I’m sensing your ego might just explode. You and Candace have done an amazing job. Your place is EXACTLY the kind of place that Winnipeg needed. - Helen Konrad, Wolseley


Aqua Books is one of only two bookstores in Canada with a writer-in-residence program, the other being the U of A Bookstore. But I bet the U of A Bookstore doesn't have two spacious studios dedicated for such a purpose, do they? I thought not. (We have a third studio, the aptly-named Studio 1, which is rented out to a notable writer who has requested anonymity.)

Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence January-March 2012

BeanDana Bean grew up in small town Manitoba, starting music at a young age. She showed an immediate interest in the piano, often teaching herself her favorite melodies by ear. She started songwriting at age 11 and has been honing her craft since. Bean began to experiment with her live show, introducing backup tracks and live looping, giving her an interesting edge. Recent accomplishments include writing, performing and recording the music for the documentary Waging Peace airing on over 130 ABC-TV stations in the U.S., with planned airings in Canada in early 2012. Dana Bean’s first released single Secret Holiday was chosen as one of CBC Scene’s top 10 songs for 2011. Look for Bean’s first CD release in 2012.

Past Writers-in-Residence

Claire Morrison
Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence September-December 2011

Claire MorrisonBorn to translator parents, singer and multi-instrumentalist Claire Morrison has always known the power of language. This 19-year-old performer, driven by her love of music and fascination with words, is proving herself as an evocative and passionate songwriter. Producing songs in both English and French, she is garnering attention throughout Manitoba for her compelling lyrical content and attractive melodies. She most often takes the stage as half of folk and bluegrass duo Fire and Smoke, with the pair representing Manitoba at francophone music competition Chant’Ouest 2011 in Moose Jaw. Watch for the release of their first EP, Maiden Voyage, in September.

Rob Fordyce
Aqua Books Artist-in-Residence August 2011

Rob FordyceRob Fordyce is a visual artist and writer who wears corrective lens and has a deep mistrust of words. His work in video, installation and performance is an attempt to understand and to express empathy with the inability to understand. Fordyce has studied at the University of Manitoba, Video Pool New Media Arts Centre and MAWA. He was a recipient of Video Pool’s New Artist in New Media fund in 2009/2010. His current project explores aging, obsolescence and the use of surveys to pursue happiness. Fordyce lives and works in Winnipeg. His work has been exhibited locally and nationally.

Keith Cadieux
Aqua Books Writer-in-Residence May-August 2011

Keith CadieuxKeith Cadieux lives and writes in Winnipeg, where he grew up. His first published work was the novella Gaze which was released by Quattro Books in 2010. He holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Manitoba where he also received the Robert Kroetsch Creative MA Thesis Prize. Keith teaches English at the University of Winnipeg and will be working on a new collection of short stories while serving as Aqua Books W-i-R.

Marcel Desilets
Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence May-August 2011

Marcel DesiletsMarcel Desilets is a thoughtful and poetic songwriter with remarkably talented guitar fingers. Some of his songs are humourous, some are sweet, and some are downright cosmic, but all of them are loving celebrations of life. Marcel draws you in by his gentle way of singing and knack for pointing out truths in simple things. He adds to his poetic sense of lyric just a beautiful touch on guitar, giving way to original songs that come with over thirty-five years of writing.

Chadwick Ginther
Aqua Books Emerging Writer-in-Residence July 2011

Chadwick GintherChadwick Ginther would enjoy Can-Lit so much more if it included even one dragon or robot. His story “First Light” is forthcoming from On Spec, the premier Canadian magazine of speculative fiction, and his reviews have appeared in Quill and Quire, Prairie Books NOW and The Winnipeg Review. A bookseller for ten years, when Chadwick’s not writing his own books, he’s selling everyone else’s. He has twice been nominated for the Harper Collins Handselling Award, winning in 2008. He lives and writes in Winnipeg.

Bowen Smyth
Aqua Books Emerging Writer-in-Residence April 2011

Bowen SmythBowen Smyth is happily paying off three degrees that are still rolled up in their original cardboard tubes. He has been hired to write about the need for arts facilities in Ontario, social innovation in the non-profit sector, and anal sexual health for Manitoba’s queer communities. As the drag persona Owen Head, Smyth shared a Winnipeg stage with trans writer and activist Kate Bornstein. He is delighted to have a writers’ residency in Winnipeg at the same time as Ivan E. Coyote. Beware of the transgender takeover!

George Colligan
Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence February-March 2011

George ColliganGeorge Colligan is a New York-based jazz pianist, organist, drummer, trumpet player, educator, composer and bandleader. He was on the faculty of the Julliard School for two years, and is now Assistant Professor for the U of M's Jazz Studies program.

David Jón Fuller
Aqua Books Emerging Writer-in-Residence January 2011

David Jón FullerDavid Jón Fuller, Aqua Books Emerging Writer-in-Residence for January, was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As an actor he has been in multiple held-over plays at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and performed with two orchestras, including excerpts from Shakespeare for the world-renowned Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra before an audience of 1600. In addition to writing hundreds of newspaper articles, he has had fiction published online in The Harrow and in the bestselling chapbook anthology Ten Best Pages. He’s been the editor of North America’s oldest surviving ethnic newspaper, Lögbgerg-Heimskringla, and currently works as a copy editor for the Winnipeg Free Press.

David Stubel
Aqua Books Artist-in-Residence January 2011

David StubelDavid Stubel is a long-distance truck driver who memorizes great literature at truck stops. An underground hero in Winnipeg's spoken word scene, David has performed at bars, bookstores, and as part of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. Erudite and self-effacing, David Stubel is a working-class artist in the old school tradition of Rimbaud and Kozak. David is the January 2011 Artist-in-Residence at Aqua Books.

Jenny Berkel
Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence November-December 2010

Jenny BerkelJenny Berkel’s deep, resonant voice and truly poetic lyrics have been garnering fans ever since she started performing with her guitar three years ago. In that time, she has played with bands The Wandering Goose and Lady o’Lakes, toured across Canada, busked on the streets of Paris and Belfast, and been nominated for two music awards. This summer she released her first solo recording, Gather Your Bones. Jenny’s songs are both haunting and starkly honest, drawing their substance from personal experience and collective history, free of the all-too-easy cliché of folk lyrics. Her voice is also unique—deep and smoky, broad as the Manitoba prairie where she now lives.

Maureen Fergus
Aqua Books Writer-in-Residence September-December 2010

Maureen FergusMaureen Fergus is the author of funny, engaging books for young readers, including Exploits of a Reluctant (But Extremely Goodlooking) Hero, Recipe for Disaster and, most recently, Ortega. Her novels have been nominated for a number of awards, including Manitoba Book of the Year for Young People and the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children. Her first picture book is scheduled to be published by Kids Can Press in the spring of 2012. When she isn’t writing, Maureen works as a business professional, coaches soccer, studies karate, bakes and hangs out with her husband, three kids and the family dog.

Kerry Ryan
Aqua Books Writer-in-Residence September-December 2010

Kerry RyanKerry Ryan lives and writes in Winnipeg. Her first collection of poetry, The Sleeping Life, was published by The Muses’ Company in 2008 and nominated for the Aqua Lansdowne Prize for Poetry in 2009. She has had poetry published in a number of journals, including Prairie Fire, Grain, Room, CV2 and Carousel. Her second collection, Vs., is forthcoming from Anvil Press in fall 2010. Kerry is Aqua Books Writer-in-Residence for September-December 2010.

Ian McCausland
Aqua Books Photographer-in-Residence August 2010

Ian McCauslandIan McCausland has been working as a professional photographer since 1988. He believes that high quality images are a key component to a successful marketing strategy for all types of businesses. His early adoption of digital imaging has allowed him to become a market leader in providing high quality images for a variety of clients, locally, nationally, and internationally. A life long Winnipeger, Ian attributes his success to all the challenges a small market like Winnipeg presents. With limited resources but with resilience and dedication, Ian has become one of the top commercial photographers in the city

Greg "Milka" Crowe
Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence June-August 2010

Greg Milka CroweGreg "Milka" Crowe has been a contributing member of the Winnipeg independent music scene since 1992. After playing guitar in upstart local hardcore outfit XchoplogicX, Crowe turned to the ska idiom and hasn't looked back since. From 1993-2000, Crowe fronted local ska outfit Whole Lotta Milka. During those seven years, Milka released two full length albums, Got Milka? and Al's Diner, for Montreal-based Stomp Records. After Whole Lotta Milka's departure from the Canadian ska scene in 2000, Crowe established The Wedgewoods, a ska-rock group that released a self-titled record in 2002 on Bacteria Buffet Records. Also in 2000, Crowe began to play solo gigs, emphasizing the more traditional side of the ska genre. After submitting three solo tracks (with full instrumentation – all played by Crowe himself) to Bacteria Buffet Records’ first compilation ‘Peg City Skank, Crowe formed a small band around his solo act to incorporate the full sound of the recordings to his live show. Greg Milka Crowe released his debut full length solo album, Bhakta Basics, on Bacteria Buffet Records in 2004 while continuing to perform and tour with The Greg Milka Crowe Band. Crowe has since reformed the band to include not only ska and reggae, but also soul and rockabilly to present a truly diverse performance under the name of The Scarlet Union. Today, in addition to teaching high school Music and History at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate in Winnipeg, Crowe currently performs, tours, and records with The Scarlet Union. The band has started to work on their first album, and is projected for a fall 2010 release.

Aqua Books Emerging Writer-in-Residence July 2010

hannah_ghannah_g is a visual artist and writer who was born in Billericay, England, in the year Elvis Presley died. Her practice centres around stories and intervention in order to engender enchantment in everyday life. hannah is currently the programmer of the artist-run centre, aceartinc.

Gillian Sze
Aqua Books Writer-in-Residence June 2010

Gillian SzeGillian Sze was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her poetry collection, Fish Bones (DC Books, 2009), was shortlisted for the QWF McAuslan First Book Prize. She is the author of three chapbooks published by Withwords Press and her work has appeared in a number of national and international journals. The Anatomy of Clay, a poetry collection, is forthcoming from ECW Press in April 2011. She is also co-founder and co-editor of Branch Magazine. Gillian has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Concordia University and resides in Montreal.

Rebecca Hiebert
Aqua Books Storyteller-in-Residence May 2010

Rebecca HiebertRebecca Hiebert is a member of Stone Soup Storytellers of Winnipeg. She has performed at the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival, the SUNDOG storytelling festival, the national storytelling conference, in schools, at the Manitoba Museum, and at other events throughout Winnipeg. Rebecca is a lively and energetic teller who knows how to connect with an audience.

David Robertson
Aqua Books W-i-R January - April 2010

David RobertsonDavid Robertson is an Aboriginal writer who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his wife and three children. As he was growing up, David became acutely aware of the lack of accurate, comprehensive, Aboriginal history being taught in schools. For this reason, he wrote The Life of Helen Betty Osborne - to engage and educate youth about an integral event in Canada's Aboriginal history. The first book in his upcoming series of graphic novels, 7 Generations, will be released in Spring 2010.

Kier-La Janisse
Aqua Books Film W-i-R November 2009-February 2010

Kier-La Janisse
Kier-La Janisse is a writer and film programmer who hosts music-related and cult film screenings under the moniker Big Smash! Productions. She was head programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas from 2003-2007, founded the CineMuerte Horror Film Festival and the Big Smash! Music-on-Film Festival (both in Vancouver). She's curated programs at the Blinding Light!! Cinema and the Criminal Cinema in Vancouver, as well as the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. She has written for Filmmaker, Rue Morgue and Fangoria magazines, has contributed to The Scarecrow Movie Guide (Sasquatch Books, 2004) and Destroy All Movies!! (forthcoming from Fantagraphics), and is the author of A Violent Professional: The Films of Luciano Rossi, published by FAB Press in 2007. She is the Administrative Coordinator for Winnipeg's send + receive: a festival of sound and Special Events Coordinator for independent record store Into the Music. Currently, Ms. Janisse is co-producing a feature documentary called Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films that Ruled the 70s and working on a new book about female neurosis in horror and exploitation films entitled House of Psychotic Women.

Carolyn Gray
Aqua Books W-i-R September-December 2009

Carolyn GrayCarolyn Gray has worked in local theatre as a writer, actor, director, dramaturge, designer, educator,and puppeteer for over twenty years. Her play The Elmwood Visitation (Scirocco) was produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba in February 2007. The play won the Manitoba Day Award from the Association of Manitoba Archives, for excellence in archival research and being a creative work that celebrates Manitoba. She won the 2008 John Hirsch Most Promising Writer Award. Recently, her short story, The Stains, took first prize in the Marie Barton Postcard Fiction contest. She has written her first young adult novel, and is preparing her new play, North Main Gothic, for its world premiere with Theatre Projects in April 2010.

Kate Bitney
Prairie Fire W-i-R January-October 2009

Kate Bitney
Katherine Bitney is the author of three critically acclaimed books of poetry: While You Were Out (Turnstone Press, 1981), Heart and Stone (Turnstone Press, 1989) and Singing Bone (The Muses Company, 1997), and is currently working on a fourth collection of poems. With Andris Taskans, she co-edited A/Cross Sections (MWG, 2007). She has worked as an editor, mentor, and creative writing instructor, as well as arts juror and creative director for literary events for over 30 years in Manitoba.

Thursday, January 29/09 7pm WCCH

Boreality Launch
Katherine Bitney, Prairie Fire W-i-R January-October 2009

"Boreality" is a multi-year collaboration between Prairie Fire Press and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra which involves a writer (Katherine Bitney), composer (Sid Robinovitch), photographer (Mandy Malazdrewich), sound recording artist (Ken Gregory) and project coordinator (Janine Tschuncky) going out into the boreal forest in each season to listen to the forest and the people who live there. The purpose of this project is to celebrate the boreal forest of Manitoba through a multidisciplinary approach involving writing, music, soundscape and photography which will result in a musical performance, a writer-in-residence program at Aqua Books, and a special issue of boreal forest writing to be published by Prairie Fire Press. "Boreality" is made possible in part by the Winnipeg Arts Council¹s New Creations Fund.

The winter trip was completed in December 2008 and the Boreality creative team members would love to share some of their adventures with you. Come and learn more about the manuscript evaluation service from Prairie Fire¹s first writer-in-residence at Aqua Books!

Click here for more details on The Boreality Project.

Julia Michaud
Aqua Books Designer-in-Residence August 2009

Julia MichaudJulia Michaud started off her fledgling design career in the 80s, drawing book report covers with smelly markers for her artistically-challenged classmates at St. Ignatius School. This made her very popular. Julia joined the illustrious ranks of highly talented illustrator and designer graduates from RRC in 1999. Her first full job in the industry, doing black and white car ads at the Auto Trader, gave her the motivation to go after a more colourful position.

Her first taste of design fame came via Brad Hughes at Fanfare Magazine Group, which produces publications with the highest hip factor anywhere – Ciao! and WHERE Magazines. Life was exciting and unpredictable. After five years creating glamorous retail and restaurant ads, art-directing photoshoots at Amici and eating chef-created cuisine, it was time for new opportunities.

Her company, Instant Noodles Design, serves clients like The Garden Room, the Folk Arts Council and the illustrious Aqua Books.

Marika Prokosh
Aqua Books Emerging Writer-in-Residence July 2009

Marika ProkoshMarika Prokosh is a Winnipeg writer and English Literature undergraduate. Her poetry has appeared in juice, the University of Winnipeg's creative writing journal. She was an apprentice writer in the Sheldon Oberman Emerging Writers Mentorship Program (2004), and is currently a volunteer organizer for the Speaking Crow open mic poetry series.

Jaylene Johnson
Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence June 2009

Jaylene JohnsonJaylene Johnson has a deep passion for songwriting and the power of music and lyrics. Since releasing her first record (Not Forgotten) in 2000, she has worked and traveled all over North America. She has received nominations and awards and her music has used for notable television shows like Dawson’s Creek (CBS/Sony) and Being Ericka (CBC Television). Jaylene's latest project, Happiness, will be released this year, and is her first record to feature a majority of co-written songs. Sharing knowledge and skills is important to Jaylene, and with over ten years in the performing, creative and administrative sides of the music industry, she has much to share. She currently resides in Winnipeg, teaching high school English and preparing to launch her new record.

Jaylene will be appearing on stage at Winnipeg's Cultural City Hall on May 16 as the featured performer for June's Soapbox Open Mic series. Check the left sidebar for details.

Tuesday, June 2, 9, 16/09   $25 per 30 min

Aqua Books presents: Coaching Sessions
with Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence Jaylene Johnson

Award-winning singer/songwriter Jaylene Johnson will be Aqua Books' Songwriter-in-Residence for the month of June.

As a part of her term as Songwriter-in-residence, Jaylene will be offering one-on-one coaching sessions during the first three Tuesdays in June.

Sessions can include everything from feedback on individual songs to advice on the music industry to voice lessons. Call 943-7555 to register.

Saturday, June 6/09 10:00am-3:30pm WCCH   $60

Aqua Books presents: From Words to Music
A songwriting workshop by Aqua Books Songwriter-in-Residence Jaylene Johnson

Notes: Registration is limited to 20 people. Bring a notebook and pen (or laptop); the ability to play music is not required, but musicians may bring their instruments; recording devices are encouraged though not necessary.

Phone 943-7555 to register by May 29, 2009.

Are you a musician who wants to compose original material but you aren’t sure where to start? Do you have a poem or idea tucked away that you think could make a great song?

Join Jaylene Johnson, Aqua's Songwriter in Residence for the month of June, as she shares from her own experiences as a songwriter and acts as your guide through the process of co-writing songs.

Tim Higgins
Aqua Books W-i-R February-May 2009

Tim HigginsTim Higgins was born into a Canadian Forces family during a posting to Washington, DC, and has lived in Winnipeg since 1952. His B.Sc. in zoology and graduate work in human genetics naturally led him to a thirty-year career in acting, directing and writing for television. In addition to screenplays about the Northwest Rebellion, the Plains Cree and, most recently, the history of the Manitoba Telephone System, he was principal Canadian researcher for the nationally televised series, Empire of the Bay. Tim has received two Manitoba Motion Picture Industry Blizzard nominations for screenwriting; one for an historical documentary, the other for drama. His first book, Dancing Backwards: A Social History of Canadian Women in Politics, co-authored with Senator Sharon Carstairs, was nominated for both the Margaret McWilliams and Alexander Isbister Awards for popular non-fiction. His most recent book is the best selling Bears on Broadway: A Love Affair in Concrete. He has written and staged five Manitoba historical plays in the last decade and has taught a writing course on Creative Non-Fiction for the Manitoba Writer’s Guild.

Amy Karlinsky
Aqua Books Arts W-i-R October 2008-January 2009

Amy KarlinskyAmy Karlinsky is a writer, curator and teacher. Her doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia in Art History were supported by a four-year SSHRC grant. She has taught Theory and Criticism, Canadian Art History, Inuit Art, and Writing About Art for Capilano College, the University of Regina, UBC Continuing Studies, and the School of Art, University of Manitoba, where she was a Visiting Fellow at St John's College and an Adjunct Professor in Native Studies. Her curatorial projects have included exhibitions for the Nunatta Sunaqutangit Museum in Iqaluit and the Quiet Room Gallery at St. John's College. She co-curated wintercount, a public art project by contemporary Aboriginal artists with Colleen Cutschall for the University of Manitoba, as well as figure ground: paintings and drawings of Ivan Eyre; and Head Space: Five Decades of Bruce Head for The Winnipeg Art Gallery. Her art criticism has appeared in BlackFlash, Border Crossings, Canadian Art, Études Inuit Studies, Galleries West, Herizons, Inuit Art Quarterly, Queen's Quarterly, and the Winnipeg Free Press. Karlinsky has written essays on aspects of contemporary art on behalf of The Marion Scott Gallery in Vancouver; Women Artists Resource Centre and Open Studio in Toronto; Gallery One One One, and St. John's College,University of Manitoba; Martha Street Studio, Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, St. Norbert Arts Centre, Urban Shaman, The Winnipeg Art Gallery and Video Pool in Winnipeg. Karlinsky currently teaches literacy in Winnipeg's inner city.

Friday, January 16/09 1:30-4:30pm WCCH

Arts Writer-in-Residence Series
Talking About Your Art
Amy Karlinsky, Aqua Books Arts W-i-R October 2008 - January 2009

Notes: Bring a work of art or a work in reproduction or send a jpeg to Registration is limited to 17 people.

Cost: $6 (inc. coffee/tea/EAT! treat)

Are you looking for a dialogue about art? Join arts writer in residence Amy Karlinsky for a workshop devoted to “talking about your art.”

We will spend the afternoon looking, thinking and talking about art. Artist participants are asked to bring a work of art or a work in reproduction and to talk to the group about their interests and concerns...and we will talk back.

Be prepared for a lively discussion and we will enrich the viewing experience together.

Wednesday, December 3/08 6-9pm WCCH

Arts Writer-in-Residence Series
Writing the Photograph
Amy Karlinsky, Aqua Books Arts W-i-R October 2008 - January 2009

Cost: $20 (inc. dinner)

Do you have a family photograph that needs to be re-imagined? Is there a story that needs to be told? Or, do you have a picture of a stranger that somehow haunts you?

As a part of Amy Karlinsky's term as Aqua Books' Arts Writer-in-Residence, we are offering a workshop on writing the photo. Using examples in poetry and fiction, Karlinsky will demonstrate how to use literary writing to decode an image.

Come for the evening and be prepared to write your photograph. (Dinner is provided)

Friday, November 14/08 2-5pm VKF

Arts Writer-in-Residence Series
Writing About Your Art
Amy Karlinsky, Aqua Books Arts W-i-R October 2008 - January 2009

As a part of Amy Karlinsky's term as Aqua Books' Arts Writer-in-Residence, we are offering a FREE workshop on writing artist's statements. Come and polish up your portfolio. Using examples of art and the accompanying artist's statement, Karlinsky will offer tips on writing effectively and evocatively in the service of your work.

Michael Van Rooy
Aqua Books W-i-R September-December 2008

Michael Van RooyMichael Van Rooy writes for documentaries, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet, and is the winner of the 2009 John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer. His first book, An Ordinary Decent Criminal, won the 2006 Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First Book by a Manitoba Writer, was a finalist for the Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction and has been recently optioned by Big Mind Films to make a full-length feature film.

Recently Michael released his second novel in the Monty Haaviko series, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal. He is currently writing the third instalment in the series (upstairs at 274 Garry Street).

Before settling on a writing career, Michael studied history at the University of Manitoba and was a restaurant manager, bartender, fishing guide, card dealer, news editor, cheesemaker, and federal prisoner. He uses all this experience to inform his writing. Michael was born in Kamloops, BC, and grew up in Winnipeg, MB, where he lives with his wife and three children.

Saturday, November 29/08 9am-9pm WCCH

A Murder of Crows
A Crime/Mystery Writing Workshop
Michael Van Rooy, Aqua Books W-i-R September-December 2008

Cost: $75 (inc. dinner)

A Murder of Crows is a one-day workshop that allows crime and mystery writers to develop and make significant progress on their novel.

Michael will touch on plot, character, research, dialogue, pacing, setting and voice. Not to mention murder weapons, means and motives, it's all here. Plus a bit on submission letters and the different types of mystery and crime novels. Your day of crime, murder and mayhem ends with a public reading of the first chapter to invited guests. Michael will also read from his next novel, tentatively titled Criminals Are Forever.

Fee includes coffee, baked goods, a delicious dinner from EAT! Bistro, mini-workshop and feedback sessions throughout the day, plus one-on-one time with Michael as you need it. (While dinner is provided, lunch isn't, so bring a bag lunch or come downstairs to EAT!, or go to Subway or the Kraut King, etc., etc.)

Wednesday, November 19/08 7pm WCCH

Writer-in-Residence Reading
Michael Van Rooy, Aqua Books W-i-R September-December 2008

Anita Daher
Aqua Books W-i-R May-August 2008

Anita DaherAward-winning young adult writer Anita Daher was Aqua Books' inaugural writer-in-residence. Anita wrote, reviewed manuscripts, taught and spread joy for four glorious months this summer. A truly delightful person.

Anita Daher has been writing and publishing in Canada for well over a decade, often drawing inspiration from the many places she's been fortunate to spend time in. After being named recipient of the 2007 John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer, she buckled down and wrote three more novels for juveniles and young adults. Two of them, Racing for Diamonds (Orca) and Spider's Song (Penguin/Puffin) were finalists for the 2008 Arthur Ellis Award for best juvenile crime novel. Racing for Diamonds has also been named a finalist for the 2009 Hackmatack East Coast Reader's Choice Award. Anita lives in Winnipeg, and will always accept invitations for dim sum.

There is a nice interview with Anita on our Articles page (7.19.08).

Saturday, September 6/08 9am-9pm

(reading starts at 7pm)

Sweat it Out
A juvenile/teen novel writing sweatshop with Anita Daher

Cost $120 (Includes a catered dinner from EAT! bistro)

Registration deadline: August 30, 2008. Registration is limited to 12 people.

Course Description

Sweat it Out will allow young adult writers to develop and make significant progress on a young adult novel. Your day of plotting and planning your juvenile or teen novel ends with a public reading of first chapters to invited guests. Anita will also read from her forthcoming novel, Poachers in the Pingos. Fee includes coffee, muffins, a delicious dinner from EAT! bistro, mini-workshop and feedback sessions throughout the day, plus one-one-one time with Anita as you need it.

(While dinner is provided, lunch isn't, so bring a bag lunch [or come downstairs to EAT!, or go to Subway or the Paddlewheel, etc., etc.])

Wednesday, June 18/08 7:30pm

Inaugural Writer-in-Residence Reception and Reading
Anita Daher, Aqua Books Writer in Residence May-August 2008

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